Patent stewardship FAQs

Why should I sign a non disclosure agreement ?

Any disclosure of an invention to a person that is not binded to secret is a public disclosure that can destroy the novelty of the patent covering said invention. Unlike US, most countries (e.g. Europe, China, Korea, Japan) do not consider a grace period in their regulations about patents. This NDA secures our relationships whatever you decide afterwards and also commits us not to disclose your invention to a third party.

Does building an international patent portfolio with IPSIDE INNOVATION is really less expensive ?

As compared to a conventional route with a conventional IP law firm, builing a patent portfolio in the IP5 (US, EP, JP, KR, CN) until grant with IPSIDE INNOVATION is 40% to 60 % less expensive. Furthermore, IPSIDE INNOVATION payment scheme until grant is based on a fix monthly fee that allows to acurately plan your IP expenses, years in advance.

What will be the geographical coverage of my patent portfolio ?

IPSIDE INNOVATION recommends to extend your patent portfolio in the IP5, yet IPSIDE INNOVATION offers several options and can also provide on demand proposals. The geographical coverage of your portfolio is decided from the beginning and our mutual agreement. IPSIDE INNOVATION commits to get the patent granted in the selected countries.

What if a patent is rejected or refused in one or more selected countries ?

The forthcoming mounthly fix fees wil be reduced accordingly.

How long does it take to get my international patent portfolio granted ?

IPSIDE INNOVATION uses all the possibilities offered by the Patent Offices such as fast track and patent prosecution highway, to speed up the granting process. consequently the patent can be granted in the IP5 in 3.5 years. Yet, in some instances it might be advisable to slow down the process, specially when the chances of grant are average, and to keep the application pending in order to take advantage of the provisional protection provided in some countries (e.g. Europe). This will be discussed on a case to case basis.